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Donated by Fernando Poyatos Fuster (Calahorra, 1933) to the Photography Center on October 14, 2002, the Collection is currently made up of 253 images. Of these, 205 keep the negatives (35 mm). Of the totality there are period positives of 10 x 15 cm; and another 40 positives are 16.50 x 24 manually enlarged by the author himself.

All the images, dated between 1958 and 1974, are the work of Professor Poyatos and collect various aspects of daily life in Budía (122 images) and other towns in the province of Guadalajara (Alocen, Atienza, Brihuega, Budia, Castilmimbre, Durón, El Olivar, Mantiel, Millana, Picazo, Sacedón and Valdelagua) visited by the author during vacation periods when he returned to the Alcarria. Due to its date, the Collection as a whole is an unbeatable chronicle of the transformation that the province of Guadalajara underwent between the postwar period and the developmentalism of the sixties.

The Cataloging and digitalization of the Collection has been carried out with the collaboration of Fernado Poyatos, a fact that has not only allowed each image to be assigned a precise title, but also to attach a brief personal comment in which the author frames the intimate context of his work. .

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