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It was donated in 1954 to the Provincial Council by the widow of the famous Alcarreño photographer Don Tomás Camarillo Hierro (1879-1954). It is basically made up of two large sets of images, one photographic and the other cinematographic, which were accompanied by the photographic equipment, the publications and decorations of the character.

The photographic collection gathers 1848 images, dated between 1924 and 1948 corresponding to 287 towns, villages and cities of the province. In them are collected, in addition to the general views of the urban complexes, numerous details referring to their natural landscapes, streets, squares, corners and outstanding buildings such as churches, castles or mansions; as well as portraits of numerous locals set in their traditional work and celebrations and dressed in their typical clothing.

Of all of them, 1,575 retain the negatives (94 glass and 1,481 acetates) and 269 only positives. We also have 651 large-size reproductions made by the author for exhibitions of the time (between 1924 and 1944) and 1,475 in postcard format.

The legacy of Don Tomás Camarillo also included 10 boxes of positive and negative universal step film, which contained as many films or fragments of cinematographic films, whose images document the vivacity and dynamism that characterized the society of the capital and of the towns of the province at the end of the decade of the twenties of the past century, since they collect very diverse aspects such as close-ups of outstanding characters of the time, collective visions of broad social sectors in different activities: sports events such as soccer; celebrations of various kinds such as work in factories, etc., etc. This material, which over time had become totally useless for projection, has recently been restored under an agreement signed between the Provincial Council of Guadalajara and the Spanish film library.


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