Charles CliffordWelsh photographer who arrived in Spain around 1850 to become an illustrator for El Museo Universal, a periodical publication that used his photographs to transform them into engravings. From 1858 he went to the service of Her Majesty Isabel II, touring with her various towns in Spain and making interesting and very important photographic reports. In 1856, he arrived in Guadalajara on the occasion of a photographic excursion organized by the Duke of Osuna who intended to obtain a collection of his palaces in Madrid and Guadalajara. It is that moment, when he takes his snapshots (ten) of the Palace of the Infantado. Between 1851 and 1858, he will materialize another report, which will affect the provinces of Madrid and Guadalajara, on the construction works of the Pontón de la Oliva dam and other engineering for the Canal de Isabel II.
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