PECOEugenio Ruiz Garcia He was born in Molina de Aragón on March 21, 1921. He was linked throughout his life to the store called “I sin”, located in the Plaza de San Pedro of this town. The name of the trade "Peco" comes from his maternal grandmother, who had this last name. From her it passed to her son Luis Ruíz and from him to two of his sons, Cándido and Eugenio. The business underwent some changes over time, without abandoning its initial occupation of haberdashery, gradually expanding to perfumery, gifts and photography studio. The studio was installed in the same building as the store and the family residence around 1947, when the two brothers had learned developing techniques. Both alternated working in the store and in the photographic studio. Eugenio carried out external work, going where he was required to do a photographic report or the photos of the Identity Card. The realization of the portraits for the DNI was the driving activity of the Peco Photographic Studio, reaching all the inhabited corners of the Señorío de Molina and the reason why all its adult inhabitants, for three decades, were photographed by Eugenio Ruiz. On the back of the photographs was “Peco photographic reports”. Eugenio Ruíz did a meticulous job, especially conservation, keeping all the negatives, which were revealed in the study, corresponding to 87 towns in the Señorío and another 35 more in the province of Guadalajara and the bordering areas of Teruel and Zaragoza. It is the graphic history of an era of the Señorío de Molina and its capital. The photographs are sociological documents of high descriptive value, which open the doors of memory: images of a time, of a culture, of a community, showing the solemnity and grandeur of its people in their faces and clothing. In May 2004, the family deposited their Photographic Archive at the CEFIHGU for conservation.

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