florencio navarroIn 1883, Florencio Navarro settled in Guadalajara who, years before, had started out as a photographer in Alcalá de Henares. Here it does so at number 44 Calle Mayor, where there had already been another run, between 1864 and 1870, by Francisco Eyré and Vicente Vázquez, residents of Guadalajara. Navarro's cabinet will only work sporadically, since Alcalá's will still be open; until, in 1894, his son-in-law Enrique Cambero settled permanently in Guadalajara, being able to attend daily to the demand of the residents of the city and surroundings. Los Hijos de Navarro will have portraits as a specialty of the firm, offering delicate images in which Felisa Navarro, painter, responsible for the final retouching, would intervene.
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