José Serrano BelinchónWriter and professor of Philology. He was born in Olivares de Júcar (Cuenca) on March 19, 1939. He is a regular contributor to the Nueva Alcarria newspaper and various magazines. His first contacts with the media were through the radio on Cadena SER as a professional in Broadcasting and Production. He has been particularly interested in Literature and History. In Nueva Alcarria, a newspaper in which he has collaborated with a fixed section since March 1979, he has published more than a thousand articles and reports on Guadalajara, its people, its lands and towns. Of his extensive production taken to the book, the following titles deserve special reference: «Guadalajara, Plaza Mayor», «Viaje a la Serranía de Cuenca», «Atienza», «La Alcarria», «Tourist routes of the province of Guadalajara», « Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Province of Guadalajara”, editions 1994 – 2004 and “El Constable”. He is also co-author, with Dr. Herrera Casado, of the three-volume work "Guadalajara pueblo a pueblo". In 1992, the Spanish Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers, of which he is a member, awarded him the “Antonio Ortiz” national prize for the travel guide book “La Serranía de Cuenca”. The Conquense Royal Academy of Arts and Letters (RACAL) named him a corresponding member of the same in October 2000. The images of the "José Serrano Belinchón Fund", deposited in the CEFIHGU, correspond to his tour of the towns of Guadalajara, in those who visited the main squares, churches, elms... and where he talked with his people, to write the articles of "Plaza Mayor" published weekly in the newspaper "Nueva Alcarria".
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