Pedro Moreno Cows (Bustares, Guadalajara, 1955) Zagal, writer, ethnographer, chronicler and lecturer. PhD in Communication from the Complutense University of Madrid. – Graduate in Law from UNED. – Teacher of Secondary Studies. – Researcher and Communicator by and for the rural world, with twenty books published on peasant culture. Historian and poet. Director and Presenter of the Television Series from Antaño to Hogaño, programs that teach, remember and recover traditional trades, dances, festivals and ways of life in the rural world.  

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  1. Dear Pedro Vacas Moreno, I watched most of your series "Antaño y Hogaño" and I liked it a lot. I live in France, but my father was a good gardener in the area of Cádiz, Puerto de Santa María… Thank you very much for your work… Rafael…

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