rosarioballesterThe journalist Rosario Ballester, who died in Madrid in 2011 at the age of ninety-one, married Francisco in the chapel of the Colegio Mayor Antonio de Nebrija in the capital of Spain in November 1965. The two collaborated (he with a text and she with seven photographs) in the production of the tourist brochure on Pastrana published in the mid-sixties by the Ministry of Information and Tourism in Spanish, French, English and German. In 1955 the Supreme Assembly of the Spanish Red Cross awarded Rosario the Gold Medal for her philanthropic work carried out during the Fiesta de la Banderita. In October 1960, the Casa de Salamanca in Madrid awarded him the Cup of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the photographic collection submitted to the contest under the motto "La Alberca, town of surprise and apologetics." In 1961 one of his snapshots of the Entrepeñas swamp was on the cover of the monthly newsletter of the Guadalajara Education and Rest Photographic Group. In April 1969, she was appointed vice-secretary of the board of directors of the Association of Tourism Writers, and a year and a half later, in September 1970, she received the Guadalajara Provincial Council Journalism Award (shared with Salvador Toquero) for her article on art and landscape in the judicial district of Guadalajara. Finally, in March 1971, she was awarded the Prize for Members of the Spanish Association of Tourism Writers for her dedication to popular journalism. One of his most curious publications, with which we could say that he was ahead of his time, is La cocina en Guadalajara (Caja de Ahorro Provincial, 1982). ABC-28.03.1971

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