Lost ART from the province of Guadalajara. altarpieces

The photographic legacy of Tomás Camarillo

This Catalog is a study focused on an absolutely unprecedented chapter: from the vast Camarillo Photography Background We have proposed to analyze the missing altarpieces, but which were saved from oblivion thanks to the camera of that tireless traveler from Alcarria. Destroyed more than two hundred altarpieces by fire, the negatives of Don Tomás have left us testimony of about seventy copies. EXHAUSTED

Number of pages94
AuthorCAMARILLO HIERRO, Tomás; MUÑOZ JIMENEZ, José Miguel, texts; PRADILLO Y ESTEBAN, Pedro José, BALLESTEROS SAN JOSE, Placido, coordinator
PublicationGuadalajara. Ibercaja. Guadalajara Provincial Council. Minaya graphics. 1999

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