Casa Laurent and Guadalajara. Photographs, 1862 – 1902

Book-catalogue that includes a set of magnificent images by J. Laurent (and his collaborators and successors) that allow us to take a look many years later at various public works (railways, highways, canals), cities (Guadalajara, Sigüenza) and monuments emblematic and well-known palaces (Cogolludo and Infantado palaces), in addition to being able to contemplate anonymous or illustrious characters linked to our land; It is the largest photographic collection in Guadalajara in the 19th century. EXHAUSTED


-Introductory text, on the figure of J. Laurent by the specialist Ana Gutiérrez.

-Texts by José Antonio Ruiz Rojo and José Félix Martos Causapé on “Guadalajara: Portrait and landscape in Laurent's photographs”.

-Book with 156 pages of which the last 99 correspond to a magnificent catalog with photographs of different sizes and a set of 9 x 14 cm postcards. Many images donated by the Ruiz Vernacci Archive of the IPHE and the portraits of famous types and personalities donated by the Municipal Museum of Madrid.


Presentation: 7

J. Laurent, for lands in Spain and Portugal Ana Gutiérrez Martínez: 9

Guadalajara: Portrait and landscape in the photographs of Laurent José Antonio Ruiz Rojo and José Féliz Martos Causapé: 27

Catalog: 57

Number of pages156
AuthorJose Felix Martos Causapé; Jose Antonio Ruiz Rojo; Ana Gutierrez Martinez
PublicationGuadalajara Provincial Council, Culture Service, Center for Photography and the Historical Image of Guadalajara. 2007

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