GUADALAJARA: Cradle of Spanish Aeronautics

Latorre-Vegas photographic collection

Guadalajara constitutes one of the fundamental milestones in the aeronautical history of Spain. The aeronautical activities carried out in the Engineers Practice Area on the banks of the Henares River in the "Campo de los Globos" constituted a true revolution at the local and national level. The important consequences that all this aeronautical, scientific and industrial activity had in Guadalajara would come to be palpably appreciated during the first quarter of the 20th century. All this hopeful aerial, industrial and cultural activity would be cut short with the outbreak of the civil war, with the assault and burning of the Academy of Engineers, as well as with the transfer of the Hispano Suiza factory to Levante. EXHAUSTED

Number of pages49
AuthorCurator: Carlos Lázaro Ávila
PublicationGuadalajara Provincial Council and Ibercaja Cultural Center
Dimensions26.5 x 21cm

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