GUADALAJARA in black and white

They are the men and women of our land, our parents, our grandparents. This book contains the photographs of four photographic legacies deposited in the ""CEFIHGU"" Tomás Camarillo, Francisco Layna Serrano, Latorre y Vegas and Fernando Poyatos. A historical period that starts in the 20s and ends in the 70s of the 20th century. EXHAUSTED


With the publication of this splendid photographic material, CEFIHGU intends to make the citizens of Guadalajara aware of the existence of these photographic funds, true historical archives of the life, society and customs of the inhabitants of the province.

Make possible the knowledge of the social reality of Guadalajara in those years, both for the generations that lived through it and for the young people who are unaware of the life of their capital and province in a not too distant time

Number of pages320
AuthorCarlos Sanz Estables; Plácido Ballesteros San-José [et al], coordinator.
PublicationProvincial Council of Guadalajara, Library of Researchers of the Province of Guadalajara, Center for Photography and the Historical Image of Guadalajara. DL 2002

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