Film Days (1st. 2002. Guadalajara)

With the publication of these Proceedings of the Encounter on Amateur Cinema, held in Guadalajara in the last days of November 2002, we make available to those interested in the subject about twenty texts of diverse focus and length, which taken Taken together, they constitute a wealth of material that undoubtedly increases appreciably the still scarce existing bibliography in Spain on the history of this type of cinema.


Presentation of the President of the Provincial Council of Guadalajara: Jesús Alique López: 7

Foreword by the Deputy-Delegate for Culture: Ms. Angeles Yagûe Gordo: 9

Introduction of the Meeting Coordinator: Mr. José Antonio Ruiz Rojo: 11


Luis Antonio Alarcón Sierra: Aragonese amateur cinema in the nineties: new amateur cinema?: 15

Txomin Ansola González: The Don Bosco International Salon pioneer of amateur cinema in the Basque Country: 41

Juan Francisco Cerón Gómez: Amateur cinema in Murcia during the fifties: 49

Santiago de Pablo Contreras: An unknown amateur filmmaker and the Civil War in the Basque Country: 65

Antonia del Rey Reguillo: Amateurism as a pattern of behavior in the Spanish cinema of the 1920s: 79

Francisco Javier Gómez Tarín: Non-professional cinema in the Canary Islands (1970s): from the ACIC to Yaiza Borges or a lake of light in an abyss of shadows: 87

Manuel González Casanova: Some reflections on: non-professional cinema, invaluable testimony of an era: 97

Fernando conazález García: José Manuel Roa and the origin of the León Regional Amateur Cinema Contest: 105

Javier Herrera Navarro: The work of Daniel Jorro prior to the Civil War. Documentary sources, bibliography and filmography: 121

Ángel Luis Hueso Montón: The vision of the «other cinema» (An approach to amateur cinema in Galicia): 149

Francisco Javier Lázaro Sebastián: Overview of amateur cinema in Aragon: from its origins to the eighties: 161

Jon Letamendi Gárate and Jean Claude Seguin: Reflections on amateur cinema and the origins of cinematography: 189

Joaquim Romaguera i Ramió: -Depending on how, we are the beginning of cinema. Rethinking redefining cinema called amateur until today: 201 -On the origin of the International Union of Amateur Cinema and the presence of Spain in the Union: 211 -Notes for a history of amateur cinema in Catalonia, a fer de bell nou from d a new methodology: 215

José Ramón Saiz Viadero: Historic walk through amateur cinema in Cantabria: 241

Bernardo Sánchez Salas: Cinematographic amateurism and La Rioja: «The mysterious force of the cameraman»: 253

Rafael Utrera Macías: -The amateurism of a professional: Carlos Nazarí and the Sierra de Aracena: 269 -News from Carlos Emilio Nazarí, director of History of a taxi and the Sierra de Aracena: 273


Number of pages347
AuthorJosé Antonio Ruiz Rojo, coordinator.
PublicationGuadalajara Provincial Council, CEFIHGU. 2002
Dimensions24 x 16.5cm

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