Film Days (3rd. 2005. Guadalajara)

Around amateur cinema: Meeting of Historians.

This volume includes the presentations and communications read at the third edition of the Meeting of Historians around Amateur Cinema, the central act of the third Guadalajara Film Conference (November 17 and 18, 2005) organized by the Provincial Council through its Center of Photography and Historical Image of Guadalajara (CEFIHGU). EXHAUSTED.


Foreword by the Deputy Delegate for Culture, Mr. Francisco García Sánchez: 9

Introductory note from the Meeting Coordinator, Mr. José Antonio Ruiz Rojo: 11


Luis Fernández Colorado: Amateur cinema during the transition from the world to sound in Spain: 15

Joaquim Romaguera Ramió: Spanish amateur cinema at UNICA. International recognition: 25

José Antonio Ruiz Rojo: The Cinephilia Association of Guadalajara: 51

Francisco M. Sánchez Lomba and Catalina Pulido Corrales: Approach to amateur cinema in Extremadura: Rodrigo Pastor: 69

Josep M. Vilageliu: From the Super 8 to the digital image: normative and heterodox in the face of the technological revolution: 83

Luis Antonio Alarcón Sierra: The Zaragoza Amateur Film Festival (1962-1976): an approximation: 135

Txomin Ansola González: The cinematograph as an educational instrument in the first legal texts (1912-1918): 159

Roberto Arnau Roselló: Non-Professional Cinema and Politics: Spanish experiences during late Francoism. Notes for an introduction: 171

Francisco Javier Lázaro Sebastián: New amateur film projects by José Antonio Duce in the context of the Club Cine Mundo de Zaragoza: 181

Francisco Javier Lázaro Sebastián and Fernando Sanz Ferreruela: Religion and literary adaptations in the last amateur projects of José Antonio Duce: Redención, Cita sin fecha and Cuando los Ángeles no tenen alas (1959-1960): 203

José Antonio Ruiz Rojo: Recovery of another film by Tomás Camarillo: 249

JR Saiz Viadero:

Number of pages301
AuthorJosé Antonio Ruiz Rojo, coordinator
PublicationProvincial Council of Guadalajara, CEFIHGU, 2005
Dimensions24 x 16.5cm

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