Jose Lopez. Photographs of Guadalajara, 1930-1950

The lines and snapshots that illustrate this catalogue, created on the occasion of the first exhibition, help to recover the work of a little-known photographer and, therefore, broaden the threshold of Guadalajara's graphic history. The snapshots of José López Ramiro correspond to an interesting historical period: those transcendental years that run between the proclamation of the Second Republic and the consolidation of Franco's autarchy, going through the traumatic years of the civil war. EXHAUSTED


Catalog book, whose first part offers an extensive biography of José López Ramiro, which brings the reader closer to the knowledge of this photographer and his evolution over the years. The second part shows a collection of 29 photographs of Guadalajara (1930-1950), snapshots such as José López Ramiro's house-laboratory, the assembly workshop of La Hispano, the engineering academy, portraits, gymnastic tables in the bullring , military formations, urban renewal on Paseo Fernández Iparraguirre, etc… SOLD OUT


Biography: 3

Catalog: 8

Number of pages36
AuthorPedro José Pradillo y Estaban, curator
PublicationCenter for Photography and Historical Image of Guadalajara, CEFIHGU; AEGIDUS, 2004

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