La Alcarria de Cela, 1946 through the camera of Tomás Camarillo

Compilation of a series of photographs by one of the great provincial artists, Tomás Camarillo, taken in the thirties and forties in the same towns that Camilo José Cela knew in 1946. SOLD OUT


This catalog book shows how writer and photographer, even without having met personally, shared a very similar vision of the province based on the exaltation of reality through a sentimental contribution from those who fall in love with the landscape and its protagonists. The reader who has approached the "Journey to the Alcarria" will immediately understand that Cela's text and Camarillo's image share something essential, the artist's sincerity in the face of reality.

The Alcarria that the Nobel Prize winner covers “with a pinrel” is the same one that we see reflected in the photographs of Tomás Camarillo, despite the fact that some of the snapshots that are collected in this volume were taken ten years before. Cela photographs with his pen what Camarillo photographed with his old machine. EXHAUSTED

Number of pages85
AuthorTexts: Pedro Aguilar. Selection of photographs and literary quotes: Paloma Rodríguez and Plácido Ballesteros
PublicationGuadalajara Provincial Council, Culture Service, CEFIHGU. 2006

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