First album of images and memories from Alcarria

With this first album, Fernando Poyatos invites us to try to reconstruct that slice of life that each photo represents and that interaction that exists in each of them with people and everything that surrounds them. Well, when we shoot our camera, whether we are good or bad photographers, we are already selecting from reality and preserving people, objects, places and circumstances that, at least at that moment, have mattered to us for something. EXHAUSTED


La Alcarria and me: 11

A paragraph on photography: 12

Trees, benches, fountains, cobblestones and other friends of the environment: 14

Those sunny mornings: 16

In Alcarreño homes: 18

Life in the ages: 21

Those long summer afternoons until the party: 22

Alcarreño festivities: 25


While the people and the land follow their inexorable annual cycle: 28

A journey from Alcarria on the back of the "Orejazas": 29

Catalog: 31

Number of pages91
AuthorFernando Poyatos
PublicationGuadalajara Provincial Council, Culture Service, Center for Photography and the Historical Image of Guadalajara. DL 2002
Dimensions26.5 x 21cm

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