comienzaelespectaculoThe information contained in the few lines of these press clippings (from La Crónica of November 10 and 17, 1897 and April 20, 1898 and "Flores y Abejas" of November 14, 1897 and October 9, 1898) It constitutes for the moment almost all the information available about the first film projections in our province. It is enough, however, to date these functions and to grant the businessman Antonio de la Rosa y Villatoro (introducer of cinema in other enclaves of the southern peninsula) the honor of having made known the art of animated photographs in a city, Guadalajara. , which at the time of its premiere barely had 11,000 inhabitants and whose mayor was the conservative Manuel María Valles. As for the mind fortune teller, a member (like the conjurer) of the same traveling company, it is only to say that this type of show business proliferated extraordinarily in the final decades of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century in the heat of popular interest in hypnotism. and spiritualism (for example, in October 1897 Professor Herman left the audience at the Casino y la Peña speechless with his experiments in hypnotism and divination).

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