tomascamarilloTomás Camarillo was born in 1879 in Guadalajara (Spain). At the age of 11, he began working as a clerk in the Municipal Court. After working for several years in Madrid as a clerk in various grocery stores, he returned to his native Guadalajara in 1901. In 1908, after getting married, he decided to become independent and work for himself and set up his "business" in the Plaza del Jardinillo, where he carries out several simultaneous activities: clerk, buying and selling bookstores, selling tobacco and trinkets, balls, ... In the following years he expanded the business with the rental of pianos handlebars for parties. In 1920, he changed premises and directed his business towards musical articles, watchmaking and photography. Starting in 1923, he began touring the province in his famous Ford car, selling radio sets. This commercial activity aroused his interest in photography. That same year, he began to record his trips through the different towns of the province. Activity that develops for about fifteen years. In the second half of the 40s, he made his work known in different exhibitions both in Guadalajara and in Madrid. He died in Guadalajara in 1954.  

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  1. Do you have old photos of Illana?
    Thank you

    1. Good morning Michelangelo. You can search by entering “illana” in the “place” field.

      Thank you.

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